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If you are getting this error when creating a reminder, it is an easy fix!

This error comes up when code is entered into the fields.  Meaning, if you are pasting text in to the fields, there is likely code embedded in the text.  It is not the text that is being rejected, rather its the code embedded in the text.  Examples of this would be a hyperlink where clicking on a word takes the user to a website.

How do you work around this?  Its simple.  You can still copy and paste into your fields.  All you need to do is highlight the text you want to copy, right click “copy” then click where you want to paste it.  Right click “paste as plain text”.  That does exactly as the words describe, it pastes only the text and none of the embedded code.

If you have received this error, it would be best to either delete the reminder and start it over or go back through and make sure to delete all of the text you pasted as well as spacing and indents.

Error 3.5.16


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