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System Reminders, how they work

Timeline viewThe RenewAlert system will remind you of an upcoming expiration a number of ways.  They include:

  • The color coded Timeline View lets the user know by the color of a reminder if action is required.  Green = no action, Yellow = action is due, Red = the reminder has lapsed.
  • When you enter a reminder, if you check the “send to iCal”box, the system will email every email listed a calendar meeting request for the date you specify.  If you accept the invitation, your calendar will generate a reminder on the set date.
  • The system will email every email listed for the reminder 3 times.  
    1. The first email is sent at the reminder date set by the user.
    2. The second email is sent 7 days after the reminder date set by user.
    3. The third and final email is sent when the contract is set to expire by user.

The reminder emails include information specific to your reminder.  In fact, in the “reminder details” and “notes” section, everything the user writes there is sent in the email reminder.  It is a great way to send yourself very specific information for when the time comes to decide to renew or terminate a contract.

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