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TIP: Junk e-Mail Settings

When you enter in a new reminder, the system will email you an i-Calendar request.  This is a calendar invitation for you to accept for the reminder. The iCal feature can be controlled by the user where you… Read More

Capture more expenses..

One reminder I have is for Dropcam.  It provides me video streaming service of my server room along with back up where I can go back and view video up to 7 days old.  The back up costs… Read More

Enter a Reminder (step 2)

After you have completed step 1 and uploaded any related documents, the screen for Step 2 will come up.   I have explained each field below and provided a screen shot for a sample for reference at the… Read More

Enter a Reminder (step 1)

Step 1:  The first step before entering a reminder is to gather as much information on the contract so you have the most complete information possible.  Once you have gathered the information, it is easy to enter it… Read More

System Reminders, how they work

The RenewAlert system will remind you of an upcoming expiration a number of ways.  They include: The color coded Timeline View lets the user know by the color of a reminder if action is required.  Green = no… Read More

RenewAlert Menu Items

Log in/ Dashboard: When you first log in you are taken to the dashboard.  On this you will find pie charts listing your contracts/ reminders by category.  You can click on a category and a list of all… Read More


If you are getting this error when creating a reminder, it is an easy fix! This error comes up when code is entered into the fields.  Meaning, if you are pasting text in to the fields, there is… Read More

Financial obligations, why your business needs to start tracking them now.

Every year it seems the media breaks a story where a city or state entity has lost track of one of their leases and ended up paying an extra year or 5 in renewal payments.  The news will… Read More

How to get out of a Lease (no financial hardship)

Lets say your company signed an equipment lease for 60 months and with 24 months to go, now you want to cancel it and return the equipment. The reason may be that your company no longer needs the… Read More